Venture Capital Investment in FinTech: An Interactive Visualisation

In the past decade, there have been a great number of trends in the financial sector that have caused the foundations of the industry to shake and modify itself, mostly for the best.

After an uncertain period that came right after the 2008 World Financial Crisis, the financial technology sector experienced an exponential growth that rivals that of any other sector in modern history. FinTech is still on the rise today, and to visualise this data and the amount of venture capital invested in the industry, it’s certainly helpful to take an interactive look at the biggest and most influential countries and cities that make this trend more relevant than ever.

The impact of FinTech can be observed in many areas, from new job creation to banking, loaning and radical changes in consumer experience. As of this moment in history, we appear to have entered a new phase in the growth of this rapidly changing industry.

The map and graph about FinTech venture capital investment spans the years between 2008 and 2019, providing many interesting insights such as the rise of the German market and influence all over Europe. Taking the German country to be considered even more attractive than the UK, the long-time financial technology hub of Europe.

This British decline in the FinTech sector is certainly to be attributed to the uncertainty following the controversial decision to leave the EU. As the map suggest, venture capital investment has dropped significantly in 2017.

Does this mean that the UK is lacking in financial technology innovation? Not at all. Although the data on venture capital investment seems to be less-than encouraging, this drop in a specific kind of investment actually suggests a strengthening of the market, as many industries experience a drop in new capital in favour of a consolidation of already existing investors that prefer to invest more in later rounds of funding

Still, Brexit certainly plays a role in some investor’s indecision to enter the financial technology sector. A field that is still very new and little understood by old-fashioned capital holders.

Of course, the possibility of Brexit and the threat of a no-deal has caused massive concerns for start-up founders as well. There still has not been a race to get out of the UK by tech companies but some have decided to expand their reach in other European countries like Switzerland or France. Switzerland is particularly attractive for the Swiss tax policies that are generally regarded as favourable for companies of any kind.

The FinTech trend seems to be destined to keep going strong in all of Europe and the UK, yet it must be noted that some major issues remain, especially considering the possible advancement of immigration policies that could impede the transit of specialised workers from one country to the other.

Nicola Clothier is CEO of Accurity GmbH, a Swiss-based employment service provider. Nicola has an Honours degree in English Literature from Stirling University and more than 20 years’ experience in Swiss employment, and personnel leasing up to executive level throughout Europe.

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