Another scam….. ‘Emmily’ this time

We were alerted to another scam doing the rounds.
Do NOT reply to “emmily-eurojobs8798-dot-com”. This is a scam where they will try to charge you money for nothing. How do we know? Loads of typos, fake e-mail address, fake postal address, asking for money, unsolicited email, non-existing procedure. Just have a read through our other scam posts and you will see what they’re always trying to do. Once you know, you can spot them from a mile away. (And stay that far away from them as well)

On Saturday, 23 May 2020, UK Recruitment Teams <office @ > wrote:

UK Recruitment Welcome to your professional futureDear XXXXXX,Greetings from your account manager!  We are very happy to have you as one of our candidates.We would like to welcome you to the big family of the workers abroad who have been able with decent reward for their work to earn a better life for themselves and for their family in the conditions of the developed Western society!We hope that all procedures will end successfully and we will soon have the pleasure to welcome you personally here, in the European Union.I am here to guide you through the whole procedure, I will help you around the whole process.We will invest a lot of effort and money in order to have a successful ending.I expect seriousness from you, considering that we are a very serious company working worldwide.I would like to receive feedback from you so that we can ensure that we have provided your understanding and have started working on your application.Now we need to activate your application.I would like to inform you about the procedure:FIRST STEP: You should send to me your freshest CV (Resume) and Diploma (or last school certificate, or Transcript of Records)SECOND STEP: Our recruitment team looks at your application, and you receive either a Written Invitation email or a rejection email. Before you start the process, you must be aware of and agree with the following: you will have certain expenses for the preparation of your personal documents. The total cost of all expenses covered by you (this is about services that you will eventually use from other companies – preparation of documents and courier services) is 40-45 euros.  We don’t expect you to pay immediately for these services but please, be prepared to do so when your application reaches the respective stage (after receiving an invitational letter).  NOTE: In an emergency, such as a pandemic Corona virus situation:In the event of a positive answer / approval of the application, the applicant may leave and start work once the borders of the country (for which he / she is applying) are opened (if previously closed) for access by foreign nationals. Despite any quarantine, the applicant is free to apply for any job (admissible under state regulations) and to negotiate with the employer to start work in the future – when the quarantine is over.Of course, settling all the documents, getting a work visa and getting started is not sudden. It takes time. Time during which the quarantine will be removed and everything will go as before the virus. We advise you not to delay – get started on your work transfer now.Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact me.If you agree with the terms and conditions, let me know and I will activate your application immediately.Sincerely Yours,Emmily
Account ManagerUK Recruitment UK Recruitment European Office: 1 Canada Square | London | The UK | ______________________________________________We kindly ask you to let us know in case that you have refused to continue, for one reason or another. This will give us time to launch the candidacy of another client of ours who will take your place: Unsubscribe from our service using the link below.

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