The Best Wellness Programs For New & Existing Employees

The Best
Wellness Programs For New & Existing Employees


Providing your employees with job perks
such as wellness programs can improve job satisfaction and entice candidates to
work for your business. Now is a crucial time to support employee wellness
as workers
across Europe are experiencing burnout
, although Portuguese workers are
feeling it the most. Burnout is the main reason for employees quitting their
jobs and these individuals will be hunting
for a job
 with an employer that will look after their health. Here are
the wellness programs you should consider offering.




A Lepaya survey
found that 66% of European workers experience work-related stress. 71% add that
they experience unhealthy levels of stress, so it’s crucial you provide a
wellness program that focuses on handling stress. This could include short
challenges that all staff are encouraged to do, such as 10 minutes of yoga per
day or 10 minutes of self-care daily. You need to be able to show potential new
recruits that you take stress management seriously. You can do this by having a
dedicated meditation room and massage chairs. You could even have a
psychotherapist come in to teach every new member of staff stress management




Around one-third of European
workers work when sick
, according to the Working Conditions Survey. Others
avoid crucial medical tests, scans, and appointments because they don’t want to
hinder their careers. It’s crucial that employees attend tests, scans, and
appointments as and when they need them. This benefits your business as it
reduces absenteeism in the long run and helps to keep employees fit and
healthy. You should also provide emergency dentistry as part of your company’s
healthcare provisions. A painful wisdom tooth, chipped tooth, or a broken
bracket on a brace
 can impact the well-being of the worker. Being able
to quickly get treatment will mean no further damage is done or pain is
experienced. Healthcare provision is a great way to get new employees on your
payroll too, as 51% of HR professionals say that medical and dental coverage
are a job seeker’s biggest priorities.




80% of workers want flexible working,
according to the International Workplace Group. If you want potential new hires
to accept your job offers, you need to give them the option of working
flexibly. Flexible working has a whole host of benefits on a worker’s wellness,
including reduced stress, increased happiness, better work-life balance, and a
healthier lifestyle. One study found that when workers chose to work from home
as part of their flexible working agreement, they were 22% less likely to be
stressed by their job and 65% more likely to experience job satisfaction. Job flexibility
also gives employees an average of an
extra hour’s sleep per week
 which is what every new starter and
existing employee desires.


Wellness programs are growing in
popularity and more and more organizations are offering them. But if you want
to get more workers on your books, you need to ensure you’re prioritizing the
wellness programs that workers want and need right now.


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