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Multiposting feeds

Posted: 11.04.2014
Multiposting Feed Not working

Please let us and your multiposting service know if you encounter problems with your feed to Eurojobs.com. We are aware that the Broadbean feed is not working, and Broadbean is working hard to resolve this. If you use another service that might not be working let us know and we'll chase them up for you.

If your feed is not workingt you will only be able to add your job adverts manually on the site. (If you have them in a spreadsheet format that we can process, we can import them for you. Send us an email to request this.)

Once the feeds are approved we will automatically start adding and removing your adverts again. Please check with your multiposting provider when the feed will be ready again.

Why is there a new type of feed? 

Eurojobs.com has changed platform and has changed the feed from HTTP based to XML based. For our users this has no big implications. On the old site we listed the individual new adverts the moment they arrived. With the XML feed we batch process all adverts gathered in the previous hour. This saves us processing time and makes managing the site easier. New adverts will now appear on the site once every hour. (Depending on the volume to process, we might schedule this in to happen more frequently, say every 10 - 15 minutes.)

On our new platform you will have full control over your adverts and candidates. You can change, delete and add whatever you want. You can add videos, images, sound files, set up questionnaires, ask selection questions and much more.

And if you want a service added, let us know and we'll consider it. If there is enough support we'll add it.

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