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Industrial - Lead Generator, Lisbon



Mill Rocket


Lisbon, Portugal 

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We are excited to start up Mill Rocket


Our company aims to provide predictive maintenance to industries with heavy machinery: Chemical, Petrol Chemical, Cement, manufacturing, pulping paper, and every other medium-size mill in general.

We've gathered a top team of mill maintenance rockstars who are currently engaged with market leaders in the industry, companies such: SKF, ABB, Andritz, and we've developed a service combining cutting edge monitoring technologies, key partnerships, and services processes. Our key unique differentials are:

1 - Cutting Edge Machine monitoring sensors which detect deviations in electromagnetic waves from current and voltage, identifying 9 out of 10 failures up to 5 months in advance
2 - Chemical expert partnership which products can optimize affluent costs up to 80%
3 - Custom measurement instruments manufacturing partner
4 - 20 + years of industry expertise

Current market leaders would charge up to 60 times more for the same services which we are able to provide to medium size mills that are left unattended. We've gathered the best to exist services and technology to move our clients to industry 4.0

One unexpected shutdown due to machine failure costs on average 100 to 200K EUROS per hour. We are tapping into this problem with industry expertise and cutting-edge technology. Our basic service package costs from 189 K per year.

We are currently aiming to operate in Portugal as our team is here, but we are not limited to the rest of Europe. We will develop support wherever our client is.


Mills are usually old companies, varying from 20 to 50 years old. Maintenance managers and technicians are busy trying to put out the fire and living the "hero" factor. Work is done when big problems are solved. Think of comparing a F1 pit top in the sixties and nowadays.


Penetrating and pitching to our clients, arranging a DEMO requires time and key introductions. We are developing an approach which consists in incorporate potential key partners to support our market:

  • Bearings companies, representants - about 80% of machine failures are due to bearings
  • Industrial Components
  • Production Managers
  • Other professionals inside key industries / Potential clients directly


We are looking for a strategic leading generator to sweep up LinkedIn, speed up our networking processes in the industry and ultimately be able to help our clients.

Tasks would be as follow:

1 - Deep research digging into our CRM, internet (Linkdn research)
2 - Developing the "angle" how can we support our lead?
3 - I can turn to outreach, introduction or even selling


We will build a professional SALES team for talented closers. The immediate commission for closing one deal is 4500 EUROS for installed equipment and a monthly income from the lead varying from 500 euros a month per client during the period of the contract, 24 or 36 months. Depending on the site of the contract.

We aim to share this income with the lead research generator for closed leads or if the ability to develop a rapport and engage the clients, the full commission.

You will deepen your learning into the industry and gather key contacts.



  • Machine Learning
  • Industrial Processes
  • Mills
  • B2B sales
  • Partnership Development
  • Digital Marketing in General


  • Engineering field
  • Marketing field
  • Business Development Field

Outspoken personality, pristine communication, excellent level of English

Ideal for a student interested in entering the industry, learn, generate future contacts. Or a talented sales talent or industry professional willing to enter a new company.



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Full time
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London, London, City of, United Kingdom
Web Site: www.internwise.eu
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