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Internship Graphic Design and Branding, London



Mama Nature Life


London, United Kingdom 

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Intern/Junior Graphic Designer (3-6 months)*Information on how to apply at the bottom. Who we are looking for someone who: wants to gain experience in a fast paced environment such as a startup. works well under pressure - often going out of the comfort zone to learn more. develops their designs in multiple small iterations and tests. is self motivated - you are always trying to improve your skills and knowledge by yourself. has a bias to action - you're not afraid to make decisions and take action, especially when you face uncertainty. uses a combination of Lean methodology (Build, Measure, Learn) and Double Diamond (Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver).Or is interested in practicing it. You will: Actively participate in brainstorming for content creation (Marketing) Generate content for social media (mostly IG and LinkedIn) using an AIDA format (Attention, Interest, Detail, Action). Research and study the use of graphics and branding in luxury, hospitality and vegan/plant-based industries and beyond. Develop further our Brand Guidelines and improve them over time. Improve the hierarchy and style on our website. Design pitch decks or visualise information. Photo editing for food photography and other means. Receive feedback and direction whenever required. We will consider your internship a success if you: will be more confident with your design skills, methodology and managing your workflow. You will learn more about Digital Marketing, Service Design and other professionalisms. Perks: Flexible working schedule. Freedom to ideate, experiment, lead and execute your concepts around Mama Nature Life. Visibility/Portfolio - Get some of your designs published as Social Media Ads. Eventually get a chance to work with us after the internship ends. Our Culture: Momentum is the catalyst for growth - We want to see the designs coming to life, frequent updates where we can see the design process from scrappy sketches through all iterations to high-fidelity. Good enough is better than perfect - We know perfection is just a mental model, an approximation, everything is a potential infinite work in progress, hence we stop when something is good enough, a level that may vary from case to case. Design is at the heart - We always seek clarity and sense-making, when Design is applied nothing is supposed to be random. Experimentation is a luxury - To explore a multitude of options requires a lot of time, hence we prioritise what is needed and avoid what is nice or superfluous.We prioritise deadlines to strive for perfection. Proactivity is golden - We all have an entrepreneurial approach, we all take initiative and can lead the team if the situation requires so.We are all humble and are willing to listen to each other. Constructiveness over criticism - We express our opinion candidly and never express criticism or be negative towards an approach without expressing a feasible, viable or desirable alternative. About us: At Mama Nature Life we want to give London’s busy professionals a delightful moment to relax and an opportunity to gain control over time, health and fitness.We do so by delivering gourmet plant based meals tailored to each user's nutritional plan. Our mission is to blend nutritional science, plant based culinary arts, everyday food, and sustainability into a transformative experience that is good for the people, the animals and the environment. for more information about us visit: www.mamanature.life How to apply: Give us a critical and concise review of our use of graphic design and branding on our website. Don't be afraid of telling us what you would change and don't forget to inform us why you think that would be an improvement. We want to see what's your understanding in terms of using graphic design and branding to simplify and improve the customer experience, clarify and visualise our communication, make people remember our brand.
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